PICK OF THE DAY: Pristine 40,000 Mile BMW 320is


As a sleeper in the making, the BMW E21 has thus far been overlooked by most collectors and enthusiasts, being viewed more as a   high schooler’s car or upscale economy car. As such, most have been driven hard, succumbed to rust, and generally not held in the same kind of esteem as the 2002 that came before it, or even the E30 that came after. It is a pity as the 320i (as we knew them on these shores) possesses all the traits that make any BMW a BMW: excellent driving characteristics, driver-oriented comfort and ergonomics, build quality and dependability. It is, for the moment, also an opportunity as the 320i is poised for deserved recognition. In particular the ‘S’ model, which BMW added in the US market in an attempt to stimulate slow sales of the 320i. Atop the its already desirable attributes, the 320is adds Recaro seats, stiffer suspension, special wheels, and a unique front air dam, among other refinements. This particular 320is is an excellent example of an E21 that has been given the love and respect that these cars warrant. It is said to be all original with no paintwork and a just over 40,000 miles covered by a single owner. Every aspect of this 320is radiates pampering, from the quality of the finish and wheels, to the spotless interior, to the meticulous records and documentation. Though priced well above current E21 values, it is still at half of what a comparable-quality, round-tailight 2002tii might bring. It may also prove to be a bargain down the road, when the E21 is given its due. Find it here on Craigslist in Seattle WA for $15,000.

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