PICK OF THE DAY: One Owner 79,000-Mile Chevrolet Vega GT Kammback


This is not a story about a ‘74 Vega becoming the next Dino 246GT. Nor is anyone suggesting that we overlook the series of recalls and failures that earned the Vega its rightful place as being one of the all-time crappiest of crap cars. This isn’t a Cosworth Vega, with its twin-cam fuel injected all-alluminum engine. It’s not a more relaible, better appointed later model. This is a simple 1974 Vega Kammback with GT trim. Yet it’s been pampered as though it were a six-figure LS6 Chevelle. Paint shines without any evidence of a respray and no signs of rust. Interior has been kept as new thanks to seat covers that look as though they were put on shortly after the car was bought. Carpets appear to have very little wear. Glass and brightwork don’t appear to have any pitting or other blemishes. There’s an awkward coolness to the Kammback’s styling; like it’s begging for a surfboard or carbon-fibre road bike to be placed upon it, if for no other reason than to be parked in front of the brewpub for conversation. In the end, this is about the very essence of this car love thing: that even a very basic crap car, when given love and exceptional preservation—by a single owner through 40 years—can be elevated into something… desirable?  Find it here on Craigslist in Santa Clara CA for $4,600.

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