PICK OF THE DAY: Sterling 76,000 Mile Saab 99 EMS


Before the Saab 99 even went out of production after a 16-year run, it was already a classic. Earlier Saabs, like the 92,93, 95, and 96 built a following for their advances in engineering , safety, toughness, and aerodynamics. Later Saabs like the 900 would be more sophisticated and offer more creature comforts around the same basic shape, but it was the 99 that cemented Saab’s place in the automotive landscape. It was built like a tank, yet agile and peppy; practical yet quirky; a people’s car but not mainstream. With the 99 EMS, performance and handling were dialed up a notch with a fuel-injected 2.0 litre developing 108 hp, along with quicker steering, stiffer suspension, front air dam, and the now-iconic “soccer ball” wheels. With most 99s lasting a half million miles or more, this 76,000-mile EMS looks to have benefited from spare driving not only mechanically, but as a long-time Florida car, it retains a well-preserved, rust-free Sterling Silver body and tidy interior as well. With a great deal of recent service, it promises to be as loyal as its next owner will be to it and the Saab story yet to be told. Find it here on the Saabnet Classifieds for a very reasonable $4,800

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