PICK OF THE DAY: 75,000 Mile Saab 900 Turbo


Long live Saab, particularly the pre-GM swoosh-back 900s and earlier. Saabs have always enjoyed a loyalist following and the appreciation for what some consider the real Saabs continues to grow and values are beginning to reflect that. Motors, while finicky, are built to last a quarter million miles and often more before even considering a rebuild. Therefore it’s not unusual to find a quality Saab 900 with 150,000 miles or more fetching $5,000 or more. This 900 Turbo has just over half those miles at just over half that asking price. Despite poor photos, the car looks to be in excellent condition and is said to have been garaged. Its Edwardian Gray paint appears to be free of rust or oxidation. The handsome Burgundy Red interior looks like it shows some typical wear on the drivers seat bolster, but there are no splits in the seams, which is unusual. Headliner isn’t visible in photos. Without question worth further investigation for anyone who appreciates a solidly built, fun-to-drive, practical, durable, and quirky bit of sub-culture. Find it here on Craigslist in Mundelien IL for a possibly too-good-to-be-true $2,600.

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